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The 3 Day Embeautyment™ Method Practitioner Training


Join the new category of conscious beauty professionals and turn your beauty services into wellness causing experiences.

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Learn all 19 Embeautyment™ Method practices to increase your vitality levels, support your energy system, deliver impactful services, increase client demand, and become a change agent in the beauty industry.

3 day training in New York City February 3rd - 5th, 2019. Price $1250.


Enroll now and receive 2 early bird bonuses for FREE! - the 2 hr Embeautyment™ Session curriculum you can use to teach co-workers and clients about The Embeautyment™ Method ($350 value) and a 1 hour coaching session to support your transition into an Embeautyment™ practice. ($175 value)



Beauty service work is healing work.

You’ve found your way here. That means you are probably wellness curious or a full blown crystal wearing, sage burning seeker like me. Either way. Welcome.

Taking the path of Embeautyment™ means saying yes to your innate healing gifts, bringing to life your desire to help the people you serve on a deeper level and doing something meaningful with your talent in beauty that transforms the world.

I know how draining it can be to be booked solid, survive the backroom drama and do it all in a busy hectic salon environment. There are times we need to stop, re-charge and take stock of where we are and where we want to be.

After years of fighting the inevitable, I made the leap to start offering hair services that address inner AND outer beauty. The results have been game changing. I knew it would be beneficial for my clients, but I had no idea how much it would improve my ENTIRE life.

This is too good to keep to myself. I have unlocked ways to re-engage in my hairdressing career for the long haul with vitality, purpose, and serving the greater good. Now I feel consistently ignited, inspired and engaged because of my Embeautyment™ practice. I am so excited to share the Embeautyment™ Method with you so you too can flourish.


We need each other to live lives that are thriving.

When you become an Embeautyment™ Practitioner, it’s very possible you will be the first in your area to practice this kind of beauty service work. While that can feel thrilling to be a trailblazer, it can also feel isolating. In this community you will be supported by a growing number of like-minded stylists.

Our mission is to change the beauty industry by helping you flourish inside and out, at work and at home. You coming?



What is The Embeautyment™ Method?

Created by Nicole Cichocki, The Embeautyment™ Method is a set of 19 practices that cause wellbeing when personally or professionally applied. It is a holistic approach to beauty that will empower you to create services, products, and/or daily routines that result in mind, body, and spirit, health and healing.


The 19 Embeautyment Practices are:


Thoughts and emotions rooted in positivity, compassion, and resilience, that lead us to cause pleasure for ourselves and others.

Beauty Narratives

Cultivating positive thoughts and stories about beauty.


Placing focus on what’s right about us and applying our unique value everyday.


Showing tenderness and consideration towards ourselves and others.


Feeling and/or expressing appreciation or thanks.


Growing awareness by paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally.

Growth Mindset

Taking the learner’s path by using curiosity and effort to accomplish goals and overcome obstacles.


Actions inspired by self-care, vitality and nourishment that align our inner most nature and our outer expression.


Consumption that fuels the body and is motivated by love.


Getting the amount of sleep it takes to renew and refresh your whole being.


Creating energetic harmony and flow that sustains mind, body, spirit vitality.


Cultivating a consistent and enjoyable movement practice motivated by body gratitude.

Beauty Rituals

Adding mindfulness, loving-intention and gratitude to beauty care.

Complimentary Therapies

Blending wellness causing practices with current beauty care.


Transcendence from the limitations of physical beauty through altruism, creativity, and connection to self, community, and higher power.


Offering skills and talents with an open heart in service to others.


Sharing knowledge, experience, and guidance with those hungry to learn.


Going inward through meditation, journaling or any other self-prescribed practice.


Lifting up, connecting, and supporting the wellness of the people around you.


Connecting to something greater than yourself.

Creative Expression

Setting the stage to create freely, with compassion, curiosity, and an open mind.


Engaging in activities that are fun, care-free, and have no outcome.


The Embeautyment™ Method 3 Day training is…

A 3 day immersion taught by Nicole Cichocki into all 19 Embeautyment™ practices. Walk away ready to offer your clients a unique wellness causing beauty service through the power of Embeautyment™.

Day 1 is dedicated to developing you, the Embeautyment™ practitioner. You will:

  • differentiate yourself as an Embeautyment™ practitioner so that you can create healing through your work in beauty

  • clear negative beauty narratives to enable healing beauty conversations with yourself and clients

  • cultivate a growth mindset so that you will continue to move closer to your full potential

  • explore physical vitality practices so that you will be more likely to avoid becoming drained and burned out

Day 2 is about creating your Embeautyment™ service. You will:

  • improve your communication with clients and co-workers to deepen relationships and strengthen client retention

  • learn basic energy therapy skills so that you will be able to include a relaxation service to clients, stay grounded and not pick up unwanted energy

  • learn to build a sacred work space so you will feel nourished and supported by your surroundings

Day 3 is about bringing Embeautyment™ to your community. You will:

  • explore leadership and volunteer opportunities to begin using your talents and skills to uplift others

  • craft your Embeautyment™ service and plan of action so that you can immediately begin offering increased wellbeing to your clients

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Imagine how it will feel to finish this training and:

  • Stand out in the industry by being on the forefront of the conscious category that is emerging in beauty service.  

  • Offer more to your clients all while deepening relationships and increasing client retention.

  • Be a part of a supportive community of conscious beauty professionals.

  • Have increased vitality and improved health.  

  • Experience higher levels of engagement professionally and personally.

  • Find deep meaning and purpose in your work.

  • Enhance your creative abilities.

  • Avoid burnout and overcome obstacles with greater ease.


There are some reasons you will want to sign up soon. 

For a limited time, I am offering 2 early bird bonuses for FREE.  When you sign up early you will receive: 

  • the 2 hour Embeautyment Session curriculum ($350 value), which means you can go out and teach your co-workers, colleagues and clients about Embeautyment. This includes a full facilitator guide, slides, and a free training video. 

  • a 1 hour coaching session ($175 value) with Nicole to help you clarify the Embeautyment™ plan that you designed in the 3 day training and get your Embeautyment practice started. 


Nicole Cichocki is

an Embeautyment hair stylist, consultant, and coach  from New York City.  Passionate about bringing needed change to the current state of the beauty industry, she views wellness as the most important marker of beauty. Pioneering change in the way we experience beauty services, at Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, she is blending the craft of hairdressing with the art of energy medicine to create meaningful transformations. She fosters a positive salon and classroom environment, supporting her clients and students by expanding the current idea of getting beautified to include one's mind/body state of being as a vital contributing factor.

Originally from St. Louis, Nicole began doing hair in 1997.  She moved to NYC in 2001 to deepen her knowledge of hairdressing and expand her opportunities. She worked for Bumble and Bumble from 2001 – 2016 as a senior stylist and lead educator where she taught and developed curriculum at Bumble and bumble University. Additionally, she was responsible for training internal and field educators; working on editorial shoots; backstage at New York and Paris Fashion Week and helping develop product.

Nicole's curiosity about life has put her on a path of ever-deepening self-discovery. She believes in gentleness towards oneself, practicing gratitude, always having fun, and that laughter is one of the great keys to well-being.

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How much does the training cost?

It costs $1250. There is also a payment plan option. Click here to see the payment options.

Where will the training happen?

The training will be held in a location TBD in New York City. (in Manhattan)

If I'm travelling in, when should I arrive and depart?

The training will begin at 12 noon on Sunday, Feburary 3rd to accomodate Sunday morning travel and end at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, February 5th to accomodate evening travel. Please note you must attend all modules in the training to receive a certificate and "Embeautyment Practitioner" staus upon completion.

I'm a salon owner. Do you have package pricing if I send multiple stylists?

Yes! If you send 3 or more of your staff to the same training, you are eligible to receive the team rate of $1150 per person. Click here to send an email to request the team rate code.