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EMBEAUTYMENT: a state of wellbeing caused by awakening mind, body, and spirit beauty.

The Embeautyment™ Method turns our relationship with beauty into a healing one.  It is a holistic approach that inspires us to radiate beauty from the inside, out.  In this state, we can flourish and shine brightly who we are truly meant to be.   

Beauty professionals: Take the Embeautyment path and re-ignite the passion for your craft and embrace your healing abilities.  It will bring you in touch with the deeper meaning of cultivating beauty so you can offer mind, body, and spirt transformations to your clients.

Embeautyment is: 

MIND Beauty: 

Awareness | Compassion | Resilience

BODY Beauty: 

Nourishment | Vitality | alignment

SPIRIT Beauty: 

Altruism | Connection | CreativitY

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The Embeautyment circle

NEXT Circle launches in 2019

WHAT IS IT?:  A 6 month journey into The Embeautyment™ Method for beauty professionals.  We meet once a month online to go through 6 of the Embeautyment practices (1 per month). It is a journey that will help increase your personal wellbeing, decrease negativity and burnout, and positively transform your relationship to beauty.  There is access to a private facebook group to connect and share with other like-minded conscious beauty professionals. 

WHO IS IT FOR? The Circle is open to all beauty professionals looking to re-engage with their career and bring a greater sense of wellness into their lives personally and professionally.  Hairstylists, makeup artists, aestheticians, nail artists and anyone working in beauty retail or corporate beauty. 

WHEN: 1 Monday a month, for 6 months.  Each session is from 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. EST.  

Dates -->  July 16th | August 13th | September 10th | October 15th | November 5th | December 10th   

WHAT YOU GET: 6 virtual sessions that happen once a month for 6 months, recordings of the sessions if you miss one, access to the private Embeautyment Community Facebook group, a consistent flow of content and resources to empower your Embeautyment practice and a network of other like-minded conscious beauty professionals there to support and cheer you on and offer insight into kickstarting your Embeautyment journey.  

HOW MUCH? There a monthly subscription fee of $59 OR you can save 15% and pay a one-time fee of $299