Truth, Beauty & Goodness
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Stylists are at the heart of what makes a service memorable and a salon thrive. Helping them flourish is our mission.  We aim to initiate the shift that turns jobs into careers and careers into callings. We want to inspire a better world by leaving the people we touch, transformed.     




TRUTH beauty & GOODNESS method 

The Truth, Beauty & Goodness Method is a holistic approach that bridges the gap between beauty and wellness. Our 4 day certification program trains beauty industry professionals to offer their clients increased wellbeing by embracing positive beauty narratives, practicing radical self-care, honoring the service experience as sacred, and building community.   

Contact us to hear more about joining the certified community of individuals and cultures working to raise the standard to an enlightened state of beauty.


energy 101

Stylists work in and around energy every day.  It is an unseen and powerful form of communication that can assist us or burden us.  In this workshop you will learn basic energy awareness, anatomy and tools for healthy navigation.  Raise your vibes. 


mindful beauty

Often times we are driven by unconscious and harmful beauty narratives that lead us to stay in the cycle of dis-ease. The Mindful Beauty workshop leads participants to re-frame and re-route negative beauty narratives through increased mindfulness and leads them to a sustainable path to self-care, self-compassion and joy.  It is from this place can we offer our most authentic beauty and help awaken it in others.      

People Development



What happens when we start asking what's right with people? Strengths-based development celebrates what’s right and uses an individual’s unique talent combination to awaken confidence, spark hope, strengthen teams, and bring out optimal performance.


1 on 1 coaching

Coaching is an action-oriented process. Working in collaboration with a coach provides structure to capture learning, continuously reflect, and take that new learning directly into action. Let’s do this together.

Cutting & Styling Education

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A conscious consultation strengthens the client/stylist relationship and allows for creativity to soar. In this workshop attendees will learn to increase mindfulness and refine physical, verbal and energetic communication.

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The intuitive Blow Dry

Trust your gut to manifest the perfect blow dry.  Learn simple ways to brush up on your technique and shift your mindset so that you can style with ease, execute with grace, and channel a look that matches the vibe of your client every time.  

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uncurled: modern CUrling Iron techniques

Underdone is the new black.  Stop over curling your clients and learn how to create nature made waves with a curling iron.  It really is more than just leaving the ends out, we promise.                                 

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meditative Braiding 

Repetitive movement can put us into a trance-like state.   Braiding requires presence of mind, attention to detail and practice.  Walk away with stronger braiding skills, more confidence and increased mindfulness.    

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styled AF

Planning and preparing is key to good updo karma.  Learn foundational steps to create solid, clean, on-point looks that will hold up through whatever wild adventure your client is about to embark on.                

cutting with sacred geometry

Sacred Geometry is found everywhere from the smallest atom to the pattern of the stars in our galaxy.   Tap into this secret language and learn how to let it be your guide. Create cuts as unique as the client in front of you. 

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Letting Go: a workshop on removing weight

The key to great cutting is being more concerned with what you leave behind than what you cut away.   Gain new awareness on how and when to remove weight to take your cutting to the next level.  

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cutting for balayage

Balayage takes time, thought and generally costs some serious dough.  Deepen its value by emphasizing color placement and creating a lived-in look from the start using specific cutting techniques.