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We Fix Hair, We don't fix people, they're not broken

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Truth, Beauty, and Goodness offers hair care services in a private salon in New York City.

Through technical excellence, compassionate listening, and an integrative approach that considers the whole person, TBG believes that beauty services can be a vehicle towards well-being. This service is a collaboration between stylist and client, with the intention to promote relaxation in awaken inner and outer beauty.

The TBG method interlaces energy therapy techniques into each service for one-of-a- kind salon experience. Most offerings come with an energy therapy sequence of choice that is customized for the client. Please see below for description of each sequence.


Energy Therapy Sequences



De-stresses and calms the nervous system, encouraging a sense of peace in body, mind, and spirit. A one-size-fits-all approach, this sequence is great for anyone looking to slow down.



Opens the heart to give and receive love, uplifts mental / emotional state and encourages a sense of well being. Ideal for anyone experiencing sadness, grief or Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Mind Clearing

Quiets the mind, creates mental focus and clarity. Can assist in headache relief.  Ideal for anyone studying for an exam or suffering from unwanted mental clutter or worry.



Increases energy flow and vitality and strengthens the energy field. Great for anyone suffering from physical, mental, emotional fatigue or depletion.


Sleep Well

Enhances sleep quality and releases tension.  Great for anyone impacted by insomnia or poor sleep patterns.



Harmonizes the major energy centers of the body to release imbalance and support the healing process. Great for anyone feeling physical, mental, emotional or spiritual discord.


Our Menu


with mini Relax sequence


with extended energy therapy sequence

Wash + Go

refresh and be on your way


with extended energy therapy sequence

Healing Touch

energy therapy express


What Our Clients Say

Testimonial - Carrie A.png

“Truth, Beauty, and Goodness is a concept that is so fresh, so intriguing, and a cause for skepticism. I had never heard of anything like it, and quite honestly it sounded too good to be true. Until, it wasn't. Nicole redefined having my hair cut, making it an enjoyable experience that I can't wait to have again. It is unique and fresh perspective on a beauty experience.”

Carrie Addington
Poet & Professor, facilitator – atd education
Arlington, VA


"I recently came to Nicole for the first time, for both a cut and energy session - what an amazing combination! Not only is she an extremely talented stylist, but the care and attention she gives her clients is phenomenal. My cut was beautiful, very natural, and suited my personal style beautifully. Following the energy session, I slept deeply for at least a week, one of the 'bonus by-products' of Nicole's energy work. Simply put, treat yourself to the combination of wellness + style at Truth, Beauty & Goodness!"

Katrina Lempenski
Chief Consultant, The Eden Collective
Brooklyn, NY


“Nicole took her time talking to me about my hair, my lifestyle, and how I wanted to look and feel. She is strategic about which techniques and products to use and her attention to detail is absolutely meticulous! When Nicole styles my hair, I feel like I've had a TV worthy before/after transformation AND she teaches me how to do it myself so that I can create that feeling day after day. She provides an experience that is highly customized, thoughtful, and's the ultimate beauty boost!”

Carrie Skowronski
Chief Growth Officer + Coach, Leadology
Brooklyn, NY