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Hair & Energy Salon by Nicole Cichocki

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Feel beautiful in

mind, body, & spirit

A one-of-a-kind luxury hair care experience that enhances your wellbeing

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20+ years of experience working for top industry brands behind the chair, backstage, and on set.

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Energy Healing

Every service comes with Healing Touch energy therapy which is shown to increase relaxation, and decrease stress, tension, and anxiety.

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The best clean beauty products are used to achieve your aesthetic goals and protect your health.

Hi, I'm Nicole.

Hairstylist, energy healer, and wellness enthusiast.

I believe that beauty and wellness are deeply connected. And for this reason, I have developed a process call The Embeautyment Method that places your wellbeing at the center of every service. 

During a service with me you can look forward to building an empowering inner dialogue about your beauty, experiencing a deep sense of relaxation through Healing Touch energy therapy, and a hairstyle that is in alignment with and an expression of who you are.

Read more about me here.

Nicole Cichocki Hairstylist Energy Healer

It's impossible to feel the fullness of beauty if you don't feel well.

  Invest in your wellbeing and your beauty will be undeniable.

- Nicole Cichocki  

  The Embeautyment Experience 




Custom cut suited to you as an individual. Specializing in razor and scissor cutting.

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Hair Color

Hair color services range from single process to highlights.



Blow-drys, curling ironed styles and special event styling all available.


Energy Healing

Healing Touch energy therapy is included with every service. Full 60 minute sessions are also available.



Claim your beauty and awaken greater wellbeing within yourself in this 3 session coaching series.

What clients are saying

"Nicole has been my stylist for years now and has done every cut probably possible. I trust her with intuiting a creation that is authentic for me. If we collaborate on an idea she brings it to life and I always walk away inspired. Her services incorporating energy/wellness add another dimension unlike anywhere else in beauty/hair care. A lovely artist + energy worker and overall experience."

- Marina M.


All hair textures and all people are welcome here

My technical scope and expertise are broad and I have experience with every hair texture. 

I would describe my aesthetic as lived in, easy and low up keep. I will help you build a non-toxic product regimine that supports your wellbeing and enables you to have a versatile styling routine.

My space is wheelchair accessible and handicapable friendly.  BIPOC and LGBTQIA people welcome. 


Order your non-toxic products by clicking on the images below.  If you have questions or need recommendations click here.


Join me on Instagram @truth_beauty_and_goodness


The Parlor

160 Madison Ave. Suite 37

New York, NY  10016

Telephone - (646) 450 - 3513

Email -


Mondays  10:00 am - 8:30 pm

Tuesdays  10:00 am - 8:30 pm

Book an appointment

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Stay in Touch

Keep up to date on our latest events, resources, and wellness / beauty tips here.

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