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Your team is the heartbeat of your business.

Help them bring their best every day.


You have an amazing team. 

You’ve spent so much time putting the right people in the right positions. The talent and potential in each person is ridiculous. Everything has been moving along great.


And then, 2020 happened.

Life threw a huge curve ball and you’ve had to adapt at every twist and turn. The constant stress and uncertainty your team is experiencing might be showing up as lack of motivation, reactivity, not taking initiative and/or poor work quality. All of which can be indicators of an underlying wellness deficiency. Does your team have the tools needed to thrive in today’s world?  

Wellness is a key strategy to unlock your team’s potential and sustain your business.

It is defined as; an active process through which people become more aware of and make choices towards a more successful existence. With a commitment to wellness, you and your team can be happier, healthier, and more resilient. At TBG we help you define your wellness benchmarks and goals and create a pathway full of wellness solutions so that your people and business can thrive.

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Let's partner to build your culture of wellness so that you can have

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Engaged employees produce better results, treat customers better and are more likely to stay within your company. 

When employees feel good they display greater helpfulness and positive emotion, which are both linked to perceived customer satisfaction.

Wellness programs help lower health care costs, amp up productivity and increase innovative thinking which all support the bottom line.


What clients are saying 

"Our management team has been working with Nicole for over 2 years.  In that time we have seen measurable success - higher sales, better engagement with team and clients as well as a stronger team culture. Nicole is an inspiring coach and leader, offering consistent encouragement, insight and reflection on growth. We are thrilled with our results and plan to continue working with her as a team as well as 1 on 1."

- Simone S. ~ Salon Owner NYC


Our process will support your worksite wellness efforts

Whether you have a wellness department or not, we can help. Here's how... 

Schedule a discovery call to discuss presenting and underlying opportunities for wellness development.

Step 1:

We collaborate to design  comprehensive wellness solutions to address needs, support company goals, and that align with values and mission.

Step 2:

We construct a variety of delivery methods to reach and engage employees at every level of the business.

Step 3:

We build tools of sustainability into every engagement with the ultimate goal of making wellness a part of your business’s DNA.

Step 4:

Because people are multidimensional, we approach wellness development from a holistic perspective. Helping our clients develop in mind, body, and spirit enables them be successful and feel fulfilled. We make the concept of wellness accessible and even fun for everyone, no matter where they are in their wellness journey, through science, research and evidence-based tools that can applied in everyday life. 

Our offerings are grounded in science, guided by intuition, and accessible to all


• Holistic Wellbeing
• Stress Reduction  

• Mindfulness

• Resilience

• Energy Management


• How to get well and stay well through Embeautyment

• The Beauty Narrative 

• Energy Management - Be Your Own Healer

• 1 on 1

• The Well Leader Executive Coaching 

• Mastermind Groups 



Our vision is to cultivate beautiful minds, hearts, and actions that uplift the workplace and positively change the world. 

Join me on Instagram @truth_beauty_and_goodness
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