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We offer innovative wellness workshops, keynotes, and coaching for teams and individuals working in the beauty industry

In these uncertain times

you might be experiencing heightened anxiety, lower productivity, and lack of purpose, 

when you really want to be calm, focused, and energized for the future.


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Whether you are on the front lines of beauty service or working in corporate, our wellness programming will give you the tools to improve your health, happiness, and performance.

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Beauty enthusiast, wellness advocate and founder of Truth Beauty & Goodness.

Hi, I'm Nicole

It was a perfect 10 face plant from burnout that led me to start my journey into wellness. My stress from overworking and under-being turned into overwhelm, then eventually turned into illness.  And while there's nothing like a little pain to get us in motion, it's my hope that through building fun, engaging, and meaningful wellness practices into your everyday life, you won't ever have to smack the pavement like I did.
Wellness isn't just a nice thing to do, it's a necessary practice to be invested in if you want to live a successful and thriving life.  It’s my mission to help you feel your best so your business can flourish by making wellness a part of your life inside and outside of work. 
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What our clients are saying

"Nicole’s approach is well thought out magic. It is intuitive and systematic all at the same time. Working with Nicole helped me simplify the day to day as a salon owner and mother of 3 and narrow down what I needed to do to accomplish my goals and move closer to my vision."

- Kylie H.

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