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Practitioner Training

Join the category of 

conscious beauty professionals that offer wellness-focused 

beauty services.


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Beauty service work is healing work.

It can also be physically, mentally, and energetically demanding. You’ve worked hard to be booked solid and no one told you that once you arrive, it’s actually not sustainable. It is draining to work 8 or more hours straight, feeling and reading people’s energy, dodging backroom drama and doing it all in a busy hectic work environment.    

Are you:

Feeling burned out?

Feeling like your mental and physical health is being negatively impacted by your job?


Wanting to offer more to your clients?

On a financial plateau?

Ready for a change?

Do you:

Have an interest in health and wellness?

Sense energy?

Have a desire to transform your client’s inner beauty as well as outer beauty?

Want to increase your income?

Want to use your work in beauty to uplift and change the world?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you've come to the right place.


Becoming an Embeautyment Practitioner


Deliver beauty and wellness to your clients.

Transform your clients in mind, body and spirit using the 19 Embeautyment Method practices.  Strengthen your business and deepen your client relationships by offering one-of-a-kind beauty experiences.

Re-ignite your career.

And not just for the short-term, but for the long haul with vitality, purpose, and serving the greater good. Get ready to earn more, and be deeply engaged because of your Embeautyment practice. 

Connect with a like-minded community.

It can feel thrilling to be a wellness trailblazer, it can also feel isolating. The connections you make won’t end after the training. This community is here to support you on your Embeautyment journey.  Remember - there's we in wellness.


What attendees are saying 

"I signed up for the Embeautyment Practitioner Training when I was feeling stuck, burned out, uninspired and wondering if I even wanted to do hair anymore. My business was suffering because I felt terrible all the time. Since I took the training everything changed for the better. I sleep better, have greater self-awareness, I am a better listener and I even have more patience. And because I’m feeling better, I enjoy my work again and am able to serve my clients on a deeper level. Now, in addition to offering them beautiful hair color, I offer them the space to relax and heal." 

- Hairstylist, NYC





Created by Nicole Cichocki, The Embeautyment Method integrates wellness with beauty through a set of 19 practices. It is a holistic approach to beauty that will empower you to create services, products, and/or daily routines that result in mind, body, and spirit, health and ultimately healing. 

MIND beauty 

Thoughts and emotions rooted in positivity, compassion, and resilience that lead us to cause pleasure for ourselves and others.

BODY beauty 

Actions inspired by self-care, vitality and nourishment that align our innermost nature with our outer expression. 

SPIRIT beauty 

Transcendence from the limitations of physical beauty through cultivating meaning, creativity, and connections to self, community, and a higher power.

Embeautyment Practitioner Training

This training will teach you how to offer wellness-focused beauty services utilizing the 19 Embeautyment Method practices. 

WHERE: Online


WHEN: LIVE Sessions will be held on 3 consecutive Mondays from 12:00pm - 5:30pm EST (9am - 2:30pm)

There will also be self-paced virtual lessons in-between the LIVE sessions.


WHO: It’s for hairdressers, makeup artists, estheticians and anyone working in beauty service looking to implement wellness into their service offerings.


INVESTMENT:  $1197  (pay in full or 3 payments of $399 or 6 payments of $199.5)

Week 1: Develop yourself as an Embeautyment practitioner. 

  1. Build a strong foundation of self-care that your Embeautyment practice will grow from.

  2. Identify and clear negative beauty narratives to enable healing conversations about beauty with yourself and clients

  3. Leverage your innate talent and strengths to reach your potential

Course Objectives:

Week 2: Learn the 4 step process to the Embeautyment service. 

  1. Prepare before and process after engaging with clients.

  2. Strengthen your consultations through verbal, physical, and energetic, communication skills

  3. Apply basic energy therapy skills so that you can stay grounded, not pick up unwanted energy, and avoid feeling drained

Week 3: Design your Embeautyment practice. 

  1. Craft your Embeautyment service and plan of action so that you can immediately begin offering increased wellbeing to your clients and community

  2. Articulate your Embeautyment offerings to draw in your ideal clientelle

  3. Create more financial wellbeing through intentional pricing and scheduling


FREE Bonus!

When you sign up early you have a chance to gain access to
The Embeautyment Method Virtual Course.
(a $297value)

Deepen your knowledge and sustain your wellbeing through this exploration of the Embeautyment Method pillars, promises and practices. 

Imagine how you will feel when you finish this training and:

  • Stand out in the industry by being on the forefront of the conscious category that is emerging in beauty service


  • Offer more to your clients all while deepening relationships and increasing client retention

  • Be a part of a supportive community of conscious beauty professionals

  • Have increased vitality and improved health  

  • Experience higher levels of engagement professionally and personally

  • Find deep meaning and purpose in your work

  • Enhance your creative abilities

  • Avoid burnout and overcome obstacles with greater ease

Receive ongoing support, development, and community


​Once you become an Embeautyment Practitioner you gain access to:

  • Group calls = with guest speakers + interactive sessions + a focus on applying the Embeautyment practices


  • Opportunities to join practitioner only education, mastermind groups, and retreats

  • Access to the online Embeautyment Community

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