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Cultivating a Brighter Tomorrow

Communal Grief

It’s rare to have an experience of globally shared grief. And it’s REALLY uncommon to have a prolonged experience of it like we are having now.

There has been so much loss lately, and it’s unclear how much more we will have to endure. Life is feeling a little less certain lately and it’s exhausting to continue to get up each day knowing we will all face the same bleakness all over again.

Joe Biden’s mom told him as a child that “bravery resides in every heart and that someday it will be summoned.” That someday is here. 2020 is summoning the bravery in us all to continue to move forward and find hope no matter what.

Staying Hopeful

One of the biggest things we’ve all had to grieve in this time of pandemic is the loss of looking ahead.

There is still plenty to look forward to on a daily basis, but it’s different, because life is different.

Having things to look forward to, no matter how small, is a helpful way to manage the stress and anxiety of our current climate.

It can also help combat the pulls of depression and feelings of hopelessness that are all too common these days.

There are plenty of ways you can brighten up your future no matter what challenges you are faced with today. It just requires a little effort to get the ball rolling.

Cultivating Hope

Here is an activity you can do now, to find some hope.

First, find something to write with and write on and create 3 columns on the page. Break down the future into 3 segments. I suggest = today, next month, and the next 3 months (or further out) and title each column with a future segment.

Next ~ write down 1 thing (or more if you're feeling ambitious) for each future segment that you would look forward to doing.

Last, share it with someone else. This is called anticipatory savoring. When you talk about (or write about) something you are looking forward to your brain thinks it’s actually happening and will release feel good neurochemicals that will boost your mood.

One last thought, the universe hasn’t brought you this far to drop you. With a little effort and “sticktuitiveness” you can create some brightness no matter what is going on. Stay at it, get some help if you need it, and remember ~ this will pass soon enough.

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