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The Embeautyment Method


Increase your mind, body, and spirit wellbeing 

through the 19 Embeautyment Method practices

in this self-paced virtual course.

Special offer happening NOW!

Get the course for $197 (normally $297) until

Friday 1/29 at midnight.


Next online training starts September 27th, 2020.


Enrollment opens 9/16. Get on the waitlist to gain early access to enrollment and be the first to know. Space is limited. 


Create a beautiful life you dream of

This starts from within. Which means no matter what is going on around you, you can increase your wellbeing by helping your mind think more clearly, your heart feel more fully and your body perform at it's best. Beauty and wellness are key to living a thriving life,

and this course will help you have both. 





Created by Nicole Cichocki, integrates wellness with beauty through a set of 19 wellness practices. It is a holistic approach to beauty that will empower you to create services, products, and/or daily routines that result in mind, body, and spirit, health and ultimately healing. 


The Embeautyment Method virtual course will help you:


Think and feel more beautifully

Uplift your mental and emotional state of being with evidence-based practices like loving-kindness, mindfulness and gratitude.

Feel more physical vitality

Nourish and care for your inner, outer, and energetic body through nutrition, sleep and movement. Transform your beauty routines into healing rituals that beautify your mind, body, and spirit.  

Cultivate meaning and purpose

Spread beauty out into the world by developing others around you and giving back to your community. Create deeper connections and feel a greater sense of belonging.

 The Embeautyment Method 

MIND beauty 

Thoughts and emotions rooted in positivity, compassion, and resilience that lead us to cause pleasure for ourselves and others.

BODY beauty 

Actions inspired by self-care, vitality and nourishment that align our innermost nature with our outer expression. 

SPIRIT beauty 

Transcendence from the limitations of physical beauty through cultivating meaning, creativity, and connections to self, community, and a higher power.

The Embeautyment Method Virtual Course

This training will teach you how to increase your mind, body, and spirit wellbeing through the 19 Embeautyment Method practices. 

WHERE: Online


WHEN: Whenever you want!  The course is self-paced and you have 1 full year to go though it.


WHO: It’s for individuals interested in feeling well and connecting more deeply to beauty. It's also for teams wanting to launch a group beauty/wellness program. Team pricing is available! Inquire here about that.



Individuals = $197 ~ until midnight 1/29 (full price is normally $297)  

Teams = Inquire here

Lesson 1: Embeautyment Overview 

  1. Define Embeautyment

  2. Learn the Embeautyment framework

Course Objectives:

Lessons 2-8: Learn the MIND Beauty pillar, promises, and practices

  1. Gain awareness, through practicing positive beauty narratives, utilizing character strengths. 

  2. Improve relationships through cultivating compassion and kindness for yourself and others.

  3. Build resilience through examining your mindset, increasing mindfulness and continuing to learn and develop.

Lessons 9-15: Learn the BODY Beauty pillar, promises, and practices

  1. Learn to nourish the body through nutrition, sleep, and self-care.

  2. Enhance physical and energetic vitality for the long run.

  3. Align your inner light with your exterior through the beauty rituals and other complimentary therapies.

Lessons 16-25: Learn the SPIRIT Beauty pillar, promises, and practices

  1. Cultivate meaning and purpose in your life through serving others.

  2. Find connection with yourself, a community and with a higher power.

  3. Be more creative and innovative at work and in life.


What you get:

VIDEOS: 23 in-depth video lessons with Embeautyment Method creator Nicole Cichocki.
WORKBOOK: A full interactive workbook with activities and reflections.
RESOURCES: A collection of supportive resources to deepen your practice. 
COMMUNITY: Gain access to the private Embeautyment Community Facebook group.
(this is currently only available for beauty professionals)

Imagine how you will feel when you finish this course and:

  • Know your personal strengths and how to leverage them in your life

  • Feel more gratitude and compassion for yourself and others

  • Have increased vitality and improved health  

  • Experience higher levels of engagement personally and professionally

  • Find deep meaning and purpose in your life

  • Enhance your creative abilities

  • Avoid burnout and overcome obstacles with greater ease

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