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Using The Embeautyment Method During Challenging Times

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

I accidentally used the Embeautyment Method to save my own ass.

The Break Down

Last summer I got really sick and had to cancel an incredibly important work event. I was 3,000 miles away from home, feeling the weight of letting other people down and the disappointment of not being able to show up for this event I had worked so hard for. It was too much to bare. My physical body had given out, my mental state was in shambles and my emotions were running high. I felt broken.

Rising Up

The weeks and months that followed became a time of deep healing for me. Caring for myself, letting others care for me, putting myself first, and getting more comfortable with my powerlessness and the unknown. This experience set in motion a deeper wellness routine that helped me heal and prepared me for this year. I thought 2019 would win the prize for “dark night of the soul” journey. Hilarious, right? And while 2020 is presenting all of us with a smorgasbord of challenges, it feels more manageable and there’s more ease. As if last year got my body, heart, and soul into shape to face this year with more hope, despite everything that has been happening in our world. I was prepared for 2020. My tank has been consistently full.

In reflecting about what has made my experiences different, something else started to occur to me.

Since last year, I had been using the Embeautyment Method in my personal life to heal, to cope, to feel joy and even hope for the future.

This was a surprise to me because I had been using it unintentionally in this time. I initially created it as a framework for beauty professionals to use to create wellness-focused services, and didn't intend for it to be a personal lifesaver. But here I was, and here it was, saving me on the daily.

Using The Embeautyment Method

There are unlimited ways to apply the Embeautyment Method and I want to share a few of the results from my practice.

Beauty Narratives - Helps me love and fully accept myself.

Mindfulness - I can stay present and non-reactive through the toughest moments.

Growth Mindset - The self-defeating voice in my head gets quieter and I don't give up as easily.

Nutrition - I feel physically stronger so I can move through the discomfort of illness with more ease

Energy - I don't take on other people's energy as much, and don't feel weighed down or drained.

Complementary Therapies - I am calm, supported in mind and body.

Community - I feel a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Altruism - I stop worrying about my own problems and feel the satisfaction of helping someone else.

Spirituality - I feel in the flow of life more. I have more trust and levity,

Having a wellness practice like Embeautyment isn’t a ticket away from pain and life’s challenges, but it is an invitation to go through them with a little more grace. The Embeautyment Method is a pathway to greater wellbeing that is anchored by the practices, and made whole by the individual applying it. No two people will practice it the same, and yet everyone can benefit.

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